3 Educational lessons kids can learn from Everblocks

Everblocks aren’t just fun and engaging ways of brightening up a learning environment; they’re also a great way of encouraging the development of key skills and subjects for students or nursery and primary school ages.

In this blog, we’ll be exploring the educational uses of Everblocks and showcasing how they can aid teachers in the development and learning of their pupils.

 Communication skills

Nursery aged children are still getting to grips with the basics of language and communicating with others around them, so there are a range of activities using Everblocks that can help encourage their skills in this area.

From recognising colours and communicating their ideas on new build projects using Everblocks, these fun activities help them express their visions for new modular building block creations by having an exciting and engaging activity set in front of them.

By promoting the use of words, children of this age gain confidence and start to broaden their vocabulary which are vital tools for their future.

Planning and teamwork

Slightly older children can benefit from better planning and teamwork skills when being asked to plan and construct a simple project using Everblocks. Using basic mathematics to plan the number of blocks they will need, and which sizes will allow them to achieve the shape they desire, they’re learning to think ahead to make their project come to fruition.

It also gives them the opportunity to learn how to work in small groups and communicate with others to share ideas and opinions on their project before putting their plans into action where they’ll work together to create their latest design.

Mathematics and Engineering

Ideal for children coming to the end of primary school, teachers can task their groups with an Everblock challenge to construct a particular structure such as a bridge that will have the strength to allow all team members to pass over it.

This will help flex their basic engineering and math skills as they will have to consider the strength of the object, the right size of blocks that will create the bridge supports and the number of bricks to be used for the beginning, apex and end of the bridge.

Everblocks are an engaging and inspiring educational tool for children of any age, with the only limits to their uses being their imagination. Get in touch today to discover the other educational benefits available with Everblocks.

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