Back to school: build a classroom with your pupils

Learning environments should be fun, engaging and inspirational, so what could be better for exciting young minds and nurturing creativity than allowing your pupils to shape their own learning space?

EverBlocks modular building blocks have been used by educational institutions around the UK to provide a practical, colourful and fully flexible learning environment using partition walls, modular desk spaces and even school supplies storage, and there’s so many benefits for the pupils from a learning and development aspect too!

Read on to discover just some of the ways EverBlocks are providing educational and inspirational opportunities in the classroom.

Gives the opportunity to get creative on a large scale

The strong and safe structure of our modular building blocks makes them ideal for collaborative building and engineering projects. As they’re lightweight, students can lift them easily to plan and create large structures that allow them to get really creative and see their designs come to life.

There’re so many opportunities to create a wide range of weight bearing structures such as bridges, partition walls and even useable bookshelves and storage blocks, so they can help shape their own learning environment again and again.

Plus, with a wide range of sizes and colours to choose from, children of all ages can’t wait to get started with ideas of their own!

Encourages problem-solving skills

Giving your pupils the ability to get hands-on with our Everblock modular building blocks promotes lateral thinking and problem-solving skills. Giving them the opportunity to create their own project and iron out any ‘construction’ issues using basic maths knowledge can help boost confidence and get that grey matter working to find a logical solution to the problem.

As the blocks can be easily separated, mistakes can be quickly remedied as pupils try a different tactic to make their structures work.

Promotes teamwork

For larger modular building block projects, your pupils will need to work together as a team to plan, design and finally build their creation. Working as a team, they’ll learn the value of co-operation and communication when constructing their newest classroom item and it also gives them some excellent experience planning and delegating of tasks experience too.

And as our Everblock modular building blocks can be de-constructed and reimagined to suit, there’s plenty of opportunities for students to work in small or large teams to realise their design goals by working together.

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