Do it yourself: build your perfect workroom at home

Do it yourselfWith more and more people spending time working from home, the rise of the home office or workroom has slowly gained more popularity over the last decade.

What was once a purely functional space filled with dull wooden desks and faux leather swivel chairs has now been transformed into areas that communicate so much more about the personalities and business purpose that they’ve been set aside for with people opting for a more personalised DIY approach to their workrooms.

This isn’t just a cost-saving measure either, as more and more of us that use rooms in our homes for work purposes are getting a little bit more hands-on and creative when it comes to injecting a little personality into our home offices.

Here’s some workroom inspiration to help you put your own stamp on your creative space using Everblocks.

Attractive work surfaces

Let’s face it, wood isn’t just a little boring and lacking in colour, but it can be pretty expensive too! Wooden work surfaces need far more maintenance than plastic, so inject a little colour into your workroom and design and build your own desk or worktop using Everblocks.

There’s a variety of striking colours and sizes to choose from, plus you get to revisit childhood memories of building block projects of yesteryear when your blocks arrive.

Quirky storage facilities

Just looking at a metal filing cabinet makes me want to yawn, plus they’re pretty difficult to manoeuvre too!

Why not add a quirky storage solution or two to your at home office space using Everblocks. They’re robust and strong enough to last but lightweight and easy to assemble, so they make the perfect alternative to the boring filing cabinet.

Plus, as your storage needs grow, you can just add a few more blocks to increase the size or order another hinged lid top to create another storage unit.

Seating areas with a difference

If you need to take regular breaks away from your desk but don’t want to be caught up in what the rest of your household is up to, then you’ll probably find that you retreat to a shabby old chair stuffed in the corner of your workroom in order to take a break.

But with Everblocks, you can create a real feature for your workroom that doubles up as functional chair for you to enjoy a well-earned coffee. And if you’re really feeling creative, why not add a few extra blocks and surface tops to make yourself a coffee table too? You can always reuse the blocks for another workroom project later on, so you really can’t ever have enough Everblocks!

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