Bond: Conference Voting System with Modular Building Blocks

“Everblocks allowed us to have something quite fun and interactive as opposed to something not quite so engaging. They said that they’d not seen anything like it before so most attendees were pleasantly surprised.”


Bond is a UK-based membership organisation which was established in 1993 to promote the work of non-governmental organisations aimed towards international development. Over the span of its existence, Bond has worked with NGOs across a range of sectors and now has a membership of over 400 organisations. Some of the campaigns championed by Bond include Make Poverty History, Vote Global and Enough Food For Everyone.

Project aims

As part of its efforts to promote international development within the UK, Bond hosts an annual conference which brings together thousands of industry professionals, public figures and organisations from within the international development and humanitarian sectors. As part of the 2018 conference, the organisers sought to create a more unique and engaging exhibition.

Events Assistant from Bond, Safina Miah said “The idea was to have something interactive and playful i.e. Lego – but upon researching various options, there wasn’t much available on the market. Modular Building Blocks was able to advise us on what they could build for us and what the structure would look like.”

The main aim of the structure was to get more attendees engaged in order to promote the various sustainable development goals that have been established by Bond and its numerous members. There were 17 SDGs in total and the idea was to create some kind of interactive system that would give each attendee a chance to voice their opinion on which is the most important.

In addition to being practical, the build had to be colourful, creative and engaging in order to add more excitement to the events and encourage more attendees to get involved.

The build

Unlike many other projects carried out by Modular Building Blocks, there wasn’t a specific design set in place from the beginning. After enquiring about Everblocks, the great people at Bond were able to work in conjunction with the creative minds at Modular Building Blocks to generate unique ideas and come up with a new concept.

When speaking to Safina about the overall process, she said “Joe and his team were friendly and had some great ideas from the get-go. We had an idea of what we wanted but weren’t sure on how it would look and how to build it. Modular Building Blocks enabled us to bring our ideas to life, which was great!”

The design process required a different approach to the usual requests for storage or furniture builds which were a good chance for the team at Modular Building Blocks to show what Everblocks can do. After discussing with the representatives from Bond, a final design was drawn up. The project made use of Everblock’s wide colour range by creating a voting system in which conference attendees able to vote on what they think is the most important SDG.


The conference was spread over two days and after the event finished, the organisers received a number of positive comments relating to the creativity of the Everblocks voting system. The concept allowed more people to get involved and was a creative way of generating conversation and promoting different causes.

“The majority of attendees that commented on the blocks said the SDGs wall was a really good and creative idea. They said that they’d not seen anything like it before so most attendees were pleasantly surprised.” This great feedback is a testament to how versatile and practical Everblocks can be.

The overall result was very positive. Not only was the process made easy by responsive service, the final build met all of the desired criteria. According to Safina, “last year’s installation didn’t gauge as much interest as we would have liked so having the blocks made the exhibition space much more playful.”