Lendhub: Exhibition Stand with Modular Building Blocks


“We received a large number of positive comments, even from our competitors! We were also crowned best stand by the FP Show.”


Lendhub is a specialist lending company operating within the non-regulated property market. In working with clients across a range of commercial and industrial industries, the company has developed a network of communication throughout the financial market. The primary services offered by Lendhub include development loans, bridging loans and revolving credit to individuals and corporate entities.

Project aims

In order to expand its client base, Lendhub regularly attends industry trade events and exhibitions. Earlier this year, the company attended the Finance Pro Exhibition and worked in conjunction with Modular Building Blocks to create a captivating and practical stand. The aim was to design and build an eye-catching exhibit that reflects the brand image and would allow Lendhub agents to interact with potential clients. The main challenge was to create an exhibition stand that utilised a small amount of space effectively in order to increase foot traffic and engagements from attendees.


The build

After creating an effective concept and designing a stand that met the specifications set out by Lendhub, we were able to work out the correct amount of blocks and accessories needed for the stand. This meant that on the day of the Finance Pro Exhibition, the stand was erected on time and without issue.

The design incorporated a display area on which Lendhub’s products and services were showcased and could be easily browsed by attendees. The flexibility of modular building blocks meant that we were also able to create a seating area that included a coffee table and a poseur table.

The practicality of the design meant that Lendhub’s space was more than an exhibit for attendees to look at as they browsed the hall. Instead, it gave the agents an opportunity to invite clients in and engage with them in a comfortable environment. This addressed one of the requirements stated by Lendhub which was to eliminate the need for free-standing furniture.


After the exhibition, we spoke to Director of Lendhub, Christopher Adamou to find out how the display from Modular Building Blocks helped his company make a positive impression and engage with more attendees.

When asked why he decided to build his exhibit from modular building blocks he said: “We wanted something original that was in keeping with our brand and that would stand out from others in a crowded room.”

Not only did the blocks provide a practical and aesthetic advantage but they were also used as a reflection of the services Lendhub offer. Modular building blocks helped to represent the idea of building property one brick at a time.

“The modular blocks allow flexibility in design. It meant that we were able to maximise the small space available” said Mr Adamou when queried about how Modular Building Blocks helped his company to overcome common problems with setting up an exhibition stand.

The overall result for Lendhub was extremely positive. They able to increase foot traffic thanks to the stand’s unique aesthetics and convert more clients through improved engagement thanks to the social design of the seating area. After much praise from competing exhibitors, Lendhub was even awarded the best stand at the Finance Pro Exhibition.