Milk Jnr’s: Exhibition stand with Modular Building Blocks

“Using modular building blocks helped us to promote our brand better and definitely improved the success of our exhibition overall.”


Milk Jnr’s is a leading design company that specialises in creating engaging and creative content for children. The Manchester-based team has worked across different of industries and has cultivated an impressive portfolio of clients including TUI, Morrisons, London Zoo and National Trust. The growing team at Milk Jnr’s has developed a range of products from colouring books to interactive activities, each of which are designed to meet the needs of different clients.


Project aims

In order to create an effective brand, Milk Jnr’s worked in conjunction with Modular Building Blocks for two of their high-profile exhibition events. One of the events took place in Hamburg and the other at the NEC in Birmingham. Operating within the creative marketing sector, it was vital that Milk Jnr’s exhibition stands reflected the unique brand of the company. When discussing plans for the build, it was important that the stand featured practical display areas but also reflected the fun nature of the brand through its aesthetics.

The build

In the same way that we approach all of our partnered build projects, we liaised with the team at Milk Jnr’s and created a series of sketches and 3D designs that created a clear concept of the finished stand. This allowed for any changes to be made before the blocks were ordered and sent out. It also meant that we could provide exact pricing by providing the exact amount of blocks needed.

In terms of design, the stand was created to represent the vibrancy of the Milk Jnr’s brand. This meant that a lot of bright colours were used in order to catch the eye of attendees and create a warmer, more welcoming atmosphere. The structure incorporated shelving and display units that were used to display the excellent work done by Milk Jnr’s for previous clients.

To help improve engagement and give the guys at Milk Jnr’s a chance to promote their services on a more personal level, we incorporated a seating area into the design. This included several seats which gave tired attendees a place to rest their feet.


The feedback from Milk Jnr’s was overwhelmingly positive. After speaking to Royston Scott about the exhibition stands, we discovered how modular building blocks helped to increase foot traffic at the NEC and WTCE.

When asked why they decided to work with Modular Building Blocks, Royston explained the company’s desire to have an exhibition stand that echoed their work in children engagement solutions. After the event he said, “The blocks worked perfectly for this, showing straight away that we deal in a fun sector.”

We worked with the team at Milk Jnr’s for two different exhibition events which gave us an opportunity to show how versatile the Everblock system is. The space available was different at each event, so we had to adjust the design specifications to maximise efficiency. Speaking about this issue, Royston said: “The fact that the blocks are so adaptable meant that we could make a smaller version of our main stand in Hamburg.”

The extra attention from attendees helped the team at Milk Jnr’s to improve overall success. “We received many positive comments about Everblocks and everyone loved the stand,” said Royston, when asked about feedback.

It was the practical versatility and creative capabilities of modular building blocks that were the key to success for this client.