Ubisoft Reflections: Office Storage Unit with Everblocks

“Anyone looking into this modular solution should just do it! It’s a great way to get around building regulations. It’s easy to use and when you get tired of the same look, just dismantle it and try something new.”

Reflections is a leading UK game development company based in Newcastle, The development team specialises in racing games. The company is an official subsidiary of Ubisoft and has been developing games in the UK for 33 years. Some of the most notable titles include the award-winning Driver series, Just Dance and Far Cry.

Project aims
As a game development company, Reflections aims to maintain a creative atmosphere in its Newcastle office building. However, the open plan layout often made it difficult to keep work areas tidy. The office needed a practical storage space that was in keeping with the interior design style. After speaking with Workplace Manager, Emily Abbott the team at Modular Building Blogs were able to create a bespoke design solution using Everblocks.
“We needed to create a storage area with a quirky look as we are in the gaming industry and needed something that would bring a little fun.”
This was the basis of the design project which helped us devise a practical solution that would utilise the diverse colour range of Everblocks in order to match the style of the Reflections brand.

The build
After a series of conversations with Emily, we were able to figure out the number of blocks that were needed to complete the build using our online 3D building application. We designed the structure to be made up of walls which would provide much-needed storage space without disrupting the natural flow of the office.
“Walls were required to create the storage space, but due to the building regulations within our premise we need a license.”
A lack of building permission was another issue raised by Emily but thanks to the semi-permanent nature of modular building blocks, we were able to help her avoid expensive licencing costs.

In order to keep the right tone, we chose coloured blocks that matched the brand style of Reflections. This allowed us to utilise the wide range of blocks available and add a touch of quirkiness to the design. We also printed out a large copy of the company logo which was placed on the walls of the storage unit.

After the project was completed, we spoke to Emily who was delighted with the finished build and expressed how the modular design ticked all of the right boxes and brought something new to the office.

When asked about the whole process, she said “I must say, Joe from Modular Building Blocks was very efficient from start to finish. We produced what we were trying to achieve and he ensured the build was structurally right and followed up with any questions I had.”

Not only was the structure able to add a new design element to the office but it also helped to improve day-to-day operations. “We had an open-plan layout and no rooms for storage which made the overall office look untidy. Putting the walls up created the much-needed space we desired.”

The staff were very pleased with the result and have already had compliments from visitors and clients. Emily said “We had good feedback from the staff and a few external visitors. Overall people enjoyed the wall and would have enjoyed it more if I’d let them play with it.”