From temporary office facilities to transportable medical and housing structures, use EverBlock Modular Building Blocks to create all types of unique and expandable structures for disaster relief and military applications.


With a lack of infrastructure, most disaster relief sites require immediate deployment of structures to house support and relief staff as well as inhabitants and victims. Time is of the essence and flexibility is key since needs change – in real time.

EverBlock Modular Building Blocks provides an easy to transport system of modular construction blocks that allows for the rapid building of all types and sizes of disaster relief structure.

Unlike Tents, EverBlock Modular Building Blocks are rigid and provides a more durable and “permanent” feel for relief activities. EverBlock Modular Building Blocks are manufactured in a rigid polypropelyne co-polymer that is chemical and weather resistant and will not absorb bacteria like other more porous materials such as fibreboard or wood. Unlike more porous materials, EverBlock Modular Building Blocks are easily cleaned with standard cleaning solutions and can be pressure washed.

Sections can be modified and redeployed as needed and lighting, power, AC units, windows, and other enhancements can be added and screwed directly into building modules. Modular Building Blocks can also be used to provide rigid modular walls for existing structures and a more “permanent building feel” for long term deployments.

EverBlock Modular Building Blocks Systems, can help you design modular structures in CAD and provide instructions.

Use for a variety of applications:

  • Portable buildings
  • Modular offices
  • Perimeter security
  • Modular medical facilities
  • Storage facilities
  • Tent hard side wall
  • Tent interior walls and dividers


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