Hire Everblocks for one-off projects

Hire bricks for one-off projects

If you’ve got an idea for creating a one-off life-size project in mind, we can help you build it with our blocks. Whether you want to create a giant logo that will attract attention as part of your marketing campaign or get your team bonding over a unique project, hiring modular building blocks is the fun, hassle-free way to get your project off the ground.

While you might look at our blocks and think they’re perfect for building walls and desks, they’re capabilities go far beyond that. We’ve helped an array of companies create colourful, large projects that are meant for entertaining, creating talking points, and engaging with groups of people.

Why use our bricks for your one-off project?

Our blocks let your imagination run wild when it comes to creating. We’ve seen businesses bring mascots or favourite characters to life, teams build outdoor play areas, and organisations create life-size animals in brick format.

But why use bricks to build your one-off project? Kids love to build and we they see our blocks, it certainly brings back a nostalgic feeling for many adults – who can’t wait to give it a try or marvel at the creativity behind ambitious projects. It makes an excellent option for team building exercise, interacting with delegates at conferences, or drawing positive attention as part of a wider marketing campaign.

Whatever the scope and vision of your one-off project, we can help you build it with our modular blocks.

Endless designs and customisable options

You’re not limited when it comes to design. Our block options and a vibrant range of colours means you can create almost anything with a bit of creativity. In the past, we’ve helped our clients construct enormous logos to boost brand awareness, well-known video game characters to draw people in, and castles that can double as spaces to hold one-off meetings.

If you’ve got an idea, we’ll help you bring it to life with our modular building block options.

Why hire your Modular Building Blocks?  

While buying out modular blocks gives you plenty of scope to build in the future, we recognise that for some they just want access to them for a one-off project. That’s why we offer them on a for hire basis.

You’re still given all the same options as someone who was buying, such as customisation choices and configurations, but we collect them at the end of your project as well as dropping them off. Typically, for a two week project length, you can expect to save around half when hiring instead of buying, perfect for those one-off projects.