Hire Everblocks to create customised interactive walls

Hire Modular Building Blocks for interactive walls

Whether you’re planning on showcasing your business at an exhibition or will be bringing your team together for a corporate day, hiring an interactive wall gives you a way to boost engagement in a way that’s fun, different, and has plenty of different options.

Our building blocks are just the beginning of your interactive feature wall; you’re free to come up with activities, teambuilding exercises, and much more around them. With our hire service and ability to uniquely brand your blocks to your business, an interactive wall could be just what you need to inject some unique entertainment into your plans.

What can you do with an interactive wall?

An interactive wall is all about breaking down barriers and boosting engagement. Our building blocks let you do just that.

The fun element of our bricks means people want to build and use them whenever they walk past. There are countless ways to make an interactive wall part of your plans. From encouraging exhibition attendees to add a few bricks following a blueprint when they walk past, giving you the perfect opportunity to strike up a conversation, to creating a voting wall at team meetings, the creative, versatile bricks mean you have more than a few options.

And the best bit is that you can break down the wall and start again. Whether you find your original idea isn’t connecting with the target market, you want to let a new set of people try your interactive wall, or you’ve had a light bulb moment for a new idea, the nature of Modular Building Blocks means you’re free to try out your next concept.

Hire with custom features

You might be interested in hiring from Modular Building blocks for your very own interactive wall project, but that doesn’t mean you can’t take advantage of our fantastic customisable options.

Starting with the number and style of bricks you need to match your chosen design; you can then select your brick colour to match your brand. We can even print your logo, message, or anything else onto the bricks – creating a giant wall jigsaw that can be great for teambuilding exercises.

Why hire Modular Building Blocks for an interactive wall?  

Our hire option is perfect if you’re planning to use your interactive wall at one event, typically costing just half of the average cost of buying the materials when hired for a two week period. For businesses that want ultimate flexibility to try out different designs, approaches, and engagement goals, our hiring solution is ideal too.