Untap the many benefits of modular walls and modular room dividers with Modular Building Blocks

Build modular room dividers and create custom portable walling with EverBlock modular walls. Stylish, functional, flexible.

Whether you need a cool room divider for your office, a portable wall in the kid’s room or a partition wall for your open plan work space, our modular wall dividers are a stylish, flexible and effective solution.

Why use EverBlock modular walls in your space?

Reconfigure walls as needed, move and change the size and shape and re-purpose into all types of other objects – from desks, to seating, and from cubicles, to decor. Portable room dividers are not just practical, they free you to maximise your space and foster a sense of collaboration. Adapt, take down and build up as needed, to bring your home or office to life in a way that suits you, on demand.

The modular nature of the EverBlock Modular Building Blocks system allows you to create all types of accent Everblock walls, portable Everblock room dividers and temporary partitions.

With cutting-edge design and premium materials, our smart, agile and totally flexible solution makes it easy for you to re-shape your spaces and change the look and feel of your room on demand.

Our EverBlock system is bespoke. Remain totally in control of every element of your portable wall design with custom weight, width, thickness, colour, shape, and openings.

Because our modular blocks are designed to make an impact, you can also take free reign with decoration and additions. Add semi-translucent blocks to allow light to enter or run LED lighting strips within the blocks to create illumination and add a cool edge to your functional build.

What can you create with portable walling?

Our modular system can be used in hundreds of ways. Need portable walling? Use our building blocks to create:

  • Modular room dividers
  • Loft space dividers
  • Interlocking partitions
  • Modular barriers
  • Interlocking walls
  • Modular containment systems
  • Temporary and permanent enclosures
  • Architectural accent walls
  • Residential Modular Walls and Room Dividers

Portable room dividers for shared spaces

Modular building blocks are a smart choice for shared spaces. Portable walling is a cost effective and flexible solution which is ideally suited to creating temporary partition walls in shared apartments, dorm rooms, basements, offices, and to divide spaces for commercial use such as for events and to section off construction areas to minimise operational inconvenience and maintain health and safety standards.

Office Dividers and Factory Walls

Use Everblock modular building blocks to create beautiful, functional and stylish office and factory dividers that add an architectural element and contribute to the spirit of innovation.

Temporary partition walls can be used to separate spaces with style and can bring lacklustre spaces to life in a way that contributes to a dynamic corporate culture and work environment. The ability to remove and rebuild temporary walls and room dividers also fosters collaboration, giving you and your team all of the space and privacy they need to work together and thrive.

Why not use EverBlock modular building blocks to delineate offices, separate work areas, create conference rooms, divide event spaces and build a short term office?

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