Factory walls and workspaces

Factory walls and workspaces

It’s now effortless to give your factory a creative, adaptable edge when your aim is to create workable, practical workspace that suits your business.

Easy to install and reconfigure, Everblocks provides a flexible way to install temporary walls and areas on your factory floor. From creating distinct sections to building in some short-term offices while a project is worked on, the modular building block system means you can ensure that your factory always meets the needs of your business.

An effective way of adapting factory space

Everblocks provide a great way to adapt and change up the floor space you have to work with in a factory setting. The temporary walls are incredibly easy to install, allowing you to change the set-up at a moments notice. The created walls help to create different areas that match your business and block out sound from running machinery, perfect for when you have several different teams operating within one space.

Whether you opt for colourful blocks or those that match your branding, factory walls and workspaces that use Everblocks are brightened up with attractive walling solution. If your working factory could benefit from a conference room as more clients come in to visit you, temporary office units with built-in desks, or simply walls that will act as screens, our blocks are perfect.

The design capabilities of the featured modular building blocks give you endless possibilities for using them to divide your workspace in a way that’s practical, vibrant, and flexible. When not in use, the Everblocks can simply be stacked up for easy storage waiting to be used for your next build project.

A durable solution

While Everblocks are ideal for temporary walls within factories and workspaces, they’re stable and durable too. It makes them perfect for long-term and even permanent projects without your space. You don’t have to worry about the block withstanding daily use, they’re tough enough to continue providing sturdy structures that you know you can rely on. So, if you’re planning on adding walls and other structures to your factory with the view of them being long-term but don’t want to be tied down, why not choose Everblocks?