Modular Art galleries

Creating functional, flexible Art gallery solutions

The art scene is alive and thriving in the UK, with pop-up galleries and art exhibitions up and down the country. We solve the challenge of creating practical but visually stunning solutions for events, perfectly adapting to suit your space and vision.

Whether for an Art exhibition that requires long-term walls or a pop-up gallery that needs to be installed and dismantled quickly, Everblocks UK are ideal for creating temporary art walls. Creative and flexible, our modular building block designs can complement the art or blend into the background. You’re only limited by your imagination when you choose our Modular Building Blocks.

Adapting to suit your needs

The beauty of using Modular Building Blocks for your art function is the ability to adapt the product to suit your exacting needs. They don’t only provide sturdy, robust temporary walls that you can hang art and interactive media, such as screens and tablets, from they can create walkways to improve crowd management and enhance the viewing experience too.

With unlimited creativity to freely design your space, you can choose walling that matches your art and atmosphere. From long exhibitions walls ideal for drawing attention to larger pieces to art display walls suitable for showing off smaller masterpieces, we can create it.

Giving you ultimate flexibility, your Modular Building Blocks layouts can be changed to reflect your needs without having to use a single tool – ideal for temporary galleries and art exhibitions that want to make their space work for them without being limited.

Making your solution simple

We work with you to make the whole process of using Modular Building Blocks effortless, whether you choose to hire or buy the blocks you need. We can:

  • Create visual representations of your design
  • Help develop a concept with your art space in mind
  • Provide accurate quotations
  • Handle the construction and de-rig where needed

From the initial phase right through to utilising Everblocks at your event, we can enhance your pop-up gallery or exhibition.

If you’d like to further explore the options that Modular Building Blocks can offer your art exhibition, you can use the contact form or call 0203 7959090.

See examples below of the Modular Art Exhibition that is constructed of black modular building blocks. It is being used and rebuilt again and again in various venues.

Renowned LA based photographer, Andrew George, brought his stunning “Right, before I die,” an exhibition of portraits and testimonies of twenty palliative care patients, from its stay at the Musea Brugge in Belgium to San Francisco for its US premier. Grace’s grandeur, gothic architecture was the perfect setting for the contemporary, yet timeless work of art.

This full scale installation. Over 2200 black modular building blocks compiled the 120 foot long, 9 foot high wall. Just a few team members installed the wall  in under 4 hours. The portraits and writings were mounted to the blocks and lighting was attached above to highlight each story.

Learn more about Andrew George and the RBID project HERE.