Office dividing walls

Office dividing walls

If you’re office space just isn’t cutting it in its current format, our modular walls are the perfect solution without needing to invest in costly and messy construction.

With blocks that effortlessly slot together, you can build an office dividing wall quickly and with minimal fuss. It’s the perfect way to divide open plan office areas, create trendy break out zones, or build a unique meeting area when clients are coming in. Flexible office dividing walls also you to build the layout that currently matches the needs of your business and team, with the adaptability to change it as often as you need to.

The creative side of designing and building your office dividing wall and other configuration with Modular Building Blocks can even act as team building exercise and might just spark some inspiration.

How Everblock office dividing walls can help you

The office space that you create plays a huge role in the dynamics of your workplace. Whether you need office dividing walls to give employees privacy as they work towards deadlines or want to create a vibrant conference room that staff and clients alike will love, Everblock’s modular building systems means it’s simple to create the office space that works for you.

The ingenious modular building blocks simply slot together and stack to create the look and configuration you want. With a range of block sizes to choose from and plenty of design inspiration, your office dividing wall can look exactly how you envision and even match your brand colours.

Making your office space suit your changing needs

We know there’s no one size fits all solution when it comes to office set-up and even a layout that works for you now may not a few months down the line. The modular building system makes changing office dividing walls simple. So, whether you want to create areas for each department or meeting spaces, it’s a solution that offers you the ultimate flexibility with the freedom to mix it up as often as you like.

With some of our Everblock accessories, you can even create other objects from your block for a complete look, from individual cubicles to desks that boast storage units.  Whatever your company culture, you can create office work areas that are divided exactly how you need them to be for your operations and current projects.