Instore modular displays for retail spaces


In today’s fast changing and ultra-competitive retail space, agility and the ability to react quickly, stand out and be flexible are crucial. Everblock gives you the freedom and tools to build, showcase, dismantle and recreate retail shelving, window displays and popup shop walls with a unique modular system that transforms everything you thought you knew about retail displays.

Why choose Everblock modular retail displays?

Our complete modular retail displays solution makes it easy to create and build intricate shelving, product display plinths, product shelving, window displays modular product walls, pedestals, counters, product tables, ledges and all types of stands.

You can also illuminate displays to better showcase products and walls can be built with LED lighting strips incorporated to create coloured displays.

Modular retail walls

Whether you have a big space which you need to repurpose for a special event or to accommodate the addition of a new product line, or are launching a temporary pop up store, modular retail walls are the perfect solution.

Modular retail walls can be easily reconfigured, taken down and repositioned elsewhere. This makes them the perfect choice for pop up retail displays, giving you the creative freedom to create truly innovative and attractive retail spaces, with total flexibility.

Modular retail shelving and furniture

Build any size, shape and style of shelving with our modular retail shelving solutions – perfect for housing any type of product or stock display. With modular retail furniture solutions too, you can craft an eye-catching and totally unique retail experience that stays with customers long after their visit ends.

See how our clients have put their own Everblock modular retail walls and instore modular retail pop up displays to use here.