STEM stands for SCIENCE, TECHNOLOGY, ENGINEERING and MATHEMATICS. It promotes a collaborative, hands-on approach to education & learning for students while focusing on these critical subjects and preparing a child’s mind for successful futures in these fields.

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STEAM incorporates the disciplines of Art, Design and Humanities into the ideology of STEM learning by emphasising creativity through problem solving and critical thinking.

How can EverBlock Modular Building Blocks be used in STEM and STEAM Programs?

EverBlocks are a hands-on, fun and educational way to brighten up a STEM & STEAM classroom. Blocks allow children to explore principles of design, engineering, and mathematics in a fun and exciting way.  And using collaboration, cooperation and communication, core skills can be developed during building projects.

Imagine your education students building bridges, houses, furniture, and endless more creations, all the while learning lateral thinking, how to think in 3 dimensions, and developing their problem solving, organisational , and planning skills.

The structural integrity of Modular Building Blocks make them ideal for collaborative building and engineering projects. Blocks are light enough for elementary students to work with easily, yet sturdy enough to build full scale, reliable, weight-bearing structures for advanced STEM classrooms.

With integrated cable channels in each of the blocks, it is easy to run electrical cables and LED light strips through constructions, enabling you to add features and to incorporate the blocks into all types of science, engineering, and art projects.

With 15 colours to choose from, including a semi-translucent block that can be illuminated from within, 3 block sizes and finishing caps, Modular Building Blocks offer a great assortment for pattern and design oriented projects. Modular Building Blocks can be used to take 2 Dimensional art into the 3 Dimensional world by facilitating the building of sculptures and installation art.

Our unique interlocking block system challenges and inspires while allowing you to actually create usable objects such as furniture, wall systems, and classroom decor.

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