There are many ways to use EverBlock Modular Building Blocks to create a fun event and incorporate dynamic team building activities for corporate, non-profit, and educational uses.






From collaborative builds that help build teams, such as the construction of oversized corporate Everblock logos, mosaics, Everblock furniture, and other objects; to word-scrambles, puzzles, and relay races, there are many ways to incorporate Modular Building Blocks in your next team building event.


The beauty of EverBlock Modular Building Blocks allow you to scale your project for nearly any sized group. Its also re-usable, allowing you to use the same blocks, yet in a different configuration, at future events.

We’ve seen everything from a small group of 25 people build a pyramid together, to a larger group of 175 people build a themed wall.   There endless ways to utilise EverBlock Modular Building Blocks for team building.

The complexity and size of the build can be adjusted depending on the time allocated for the activity.

From a young age, everyone loves to build with blocks. Now imagine tapping into the same excitement your team-members had as children, while reinforcing important concepts such as team-work and collaboration.


Use EverBlock Modular Building Blocks to help reinforce proven principals of successful teams such as:

  • Goal Setting
  • Role Clarification
  • Problem Solving
  • Interpersonal Relations

Contact us to discuss your next team building event and well help you create memorable experiences that will be talked about by your team for years to come.


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