Everblock ideas for nurseries and afterschool clubs

As more and more parents return to work, nurseries and after-school clubs are now more popular than ever. When seeking out a nursery or after-school club, parents don’t just look for experienced staff and a service close to home or work; they’re also looking to see if their children will have plenty of opportunities to develop their skills and be entertained until their parents collect them later that day.

That’s why Everblocks modular building blocks are gaining in popularity in this type of industry as they’re strong, reusable, colourful and easy to wipe down as well as helping to nurture essential skills during a child’s development.

Here are just a few ideas for ways you can utilise Everblocks at your nursery or after school club.

Messy play

Plasticine, glitter and craft play is a great way of getting the little ones to be creative, but it can cause an awful mess!

Everblocks can be built to create workstations, desks and long tables that aren’t just robust and visually engaging, but easy to wipe clean too!


One of the best things about Everblocks is that they can be used for a variety of purposes and can help promote logical thinking and sharing amongst children. One favourite build using Everblocks is without a doubt the playhouse, where adults can engage with the children to create a wendy house style structure for imaginative play.

The house can be as small or as large as you like, and when the children start to lose interest, you can deconstruct the building and use modular building blocks again for your next project.

Colourful and clever storage

Every nursery and after-school club needs plenty of storage options for stashing away all of those toys and activity equipment pieces after each session. As you attract more children to your group, your need for even more storage will grow, but instead of splashing out on yet more toy boxes it’s a far more colourful and cost-effective option to simply add a few extra blocks to your Everblock toy storage boxes to increase the volume.

Partition walls

A reading or quiet corner is a great idea for any nursery or after school club, so make them super safe and engaging by using Everblocks to create colourful modular walls or room dividers. You can even add block gaps at regular intervals so you can keep an eye on your little guests without making the area too open.

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