Lighting Everblocks using LED lights. Our Semi- translucent Modular Building Blocks can be illuminated.


LED lighting strips can be inserted to illuminate our everblocks, to create dramatic visual effects, illuminate floors, walls, and entire rooms for different applications or events.


We recommend lighting everblocks with flat style 0.5” LED lighting cables, with no wide end caps or couplings, so that the strip can be threaded through the Modular Building Block cable channel.   These types of strips are readily available on-line and at local home supply stores and come in various lengths.

We do not recommend using traditional style rope lighting (round plastic enclosed incandescent lighting coils) as they can be more difficult to thread through the Modular Building Block cable channels.

For vertical lighting runs, slide the end of the lighting strip thru the bottom block layer and pull through the block, until you reach the power chord coupling. Continue feeding the end of the lighting strip up through each block, tensioning at each layer, until the topmost block layer (or the layer where you no longer want blocks to be illuminated).   It is useful to insert lighting strips during the building process to ease insertion in each blocks cable channel.

For longer continuous lighting runs, powered off a single source, it is possible to fold the lighting strip towards the next cable channel hole and begin the process of feeding the lights back down through block layers until you reach the bottommost block.   Repeat folding and feeding lighting strips up or down through adjacent thru holes as desired.

For horizontal lighting runs you can run the lighting strips between connector lugs and feed up or down a layer through the last thru hole.  This method is ideal for illuminated top or bottom layers or sections within complete walls.

Standard off the shelf LED lighting strips can typically be controlled using a wireless remote and feature multiple colours and patterns. Choose the style that best meets your needs.

Create Platforms, Steps and Risers

Platforms and small stages are simply made with modular building blocks.  The key to building steps, risers, and platforms is that sections are always connected to adjacent blocks, preventing any individual block from being able to move.  Lower steps must nest under adjacent upper blocks and sections should be rotated and staggered to ensure that every block is connected to another in some way. Caps may be used to reinforce the connection between adjacent blocks.   Deploy half blocks as needed to allow additional staggering of layers of blocks in as close to a brick-lay pattern as is possible.

Hanging Graphics and Other Accessories

You can run string, wire, or fishing line around the connector lugs to facilitate hanging objects on Modular Building Blocks.  Alternatively, we recommend drilling right into blocks to insert anchors or mounts for hanging graphics or objects.

Remember that adding additional weight to your construction will change the centre of gravity and the balance of your object, and as such you may need to reinforce, anchor, or widen hanging walls.

Running Power, Networking, and other Cables

Power, networking and other cables can be run through the integrated 1/2″ channel in each Modular Building Block module.  This is enough for most power cables and networking cables, but it is important to remember that the channel will not accommodate end plugs so you may need to rewire these plugs after running cabling though the blocks.

Another way to run power is to create a gap between two block section walls, within which cables, piping, plumbing, and other accessories can be run.


Inserting Panels

A variety of panels, inserts, and other materials can be inserted within block constructions.  Typically sections are simply cut to size and placed in the open gap, nesting up against connector lugs (either in front of between or behind, depending on the aesthetic required). The gap between the out wall and a lug is 1/2″ so 1/2″ thick panels nest nicely and flush within openings.

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