Finishing Caps Create A Flat Top Surface

To create a smooth top surface for a table, counter top, or just to enhance your construction, our Modular Building Block caps will cover the connector lugs and create a smooth top surface. Connector caps are available in all standard colours and you can match or compliment the colours of your construction. Caps may be cut to half and quarter size using a simple hack saw.

Blocks Contain Integrated Cable Channels

Each full size Modular Building Block contains 2 cable channels that allows you to run power cables, create illumination with LED lighting strips, or stabilise larger constructions. Half size Modular Building Blocks contain one channel that aligns with one of the full size block channels. Even when the blocks are staggered, the channels align, so that cables can be run through.

Holes are 0.5″ in diameter and can accommodate most conduit and cabling. Translucent white blocks are available, allowing you to create amazing lighting effects.

Quarter blocks also contains notches to accommodate cabling.

Additional Structural Support Can Be Added

Plastic reinforcement pins can provide additional stability and strength to structures created from the plastic bricks. The integrated 1/2″ cable channel in the Modular Building Blocks accommodates the Modular Block connector pins.

Standard sized metal re-bar, wood dowels or PVC rod, may also be used to provide additional support and to anchor blocks to the ground. This is ideal for larger construction projects, where there are taller or longer walls that need support.

Reinforcement pins or rods should also be used when there is a need for blocks to support additional weight such as trusses or cross beams.

Shelving, Desk Tops, and Doorway Lintels Slot Into Place

Add shelves and desktops in various sizes to complement your modular building block constructions and create impressive desks, shelving units, displays, and other designs.

Shelving has pre-cut holes and is designed to nest over the Modular Building Block connector lugs and facilitate easy and secure installation, without tools.

Add Modular Building Block Lintel pieces to support blocks above doorways, windows, and other openings. Shelving comes in a variety of widths and can be used in combination with each other.

Durable, Waterproof, And Easy To Clean

Modular Building Block bricks are water and chemical resistant and can stand up to constant use. They are suitable for use indoors or outdoors and in wet or dry environments.

Modular Building Blocks are manufactured using a durable, high-quality, polypropylene co-polymer and so can handle the the stresses of repetitive use. This material is non-absorbent, easily cleaned, and won’t leach harmful chemicals.

All Modular Building Block modules contain UV inhibitors to prevent fading in sunlight and meet UL94HB, flammability standards.

Internal cross-ribbing provides additional weight loading capabilities and support.

Easily Transportable

Smaller shipments may be sent with small package parcel services.

For larger shipments, Modular Building Block modules stack neatly on pallets and can be shipped directly to you.

Stack 24 blocks per row (4 blocks x 6 blocks) on traditional 40″x48″ pallets, up to 12 rows high (72″), for a total of 288 blocks per standard pallet (Weight 674lbs).