Why Everblocks are the perfect solution for quirky businesses who want to add the wow factor to their reception area

As soon as a client or visitor steps through the doors to your reception area, they’re already beginning to form an opinion about your business. It’s amazing how the physical environment can affect our perceptions and feelings about a brand or company, so it’s essential that your reception area makes an impact.

Slightly shabby leatherette sofas and scratched glass coffee tables just don’t cut it anymore, so you’ll need to take this opportunity to make a great impression with some quirky office décor options that showcase your brand as a fresh, unique and engaging entity that they’ll want to do business with.

Everblocks are being successfully used in offices throughout the UK to create amazing structures with a multitude of uses. From funky partition walls with a pop of your corporate colour to unique storage solutions, there really is no end to the uses Everblocks can have around the office.

Here’s just a few of our favourite suggestions for quirky businesses who want to add the wow factors to their reception are using Everblocks.

Build your own reception desk

The first place any visitor to your premises heads for is without a doubt the reception desk, so transform it into a stand out feature that’s sure to convey your brand’s unique personality.

Choose from an array of bright colours or ask us to create a batch of blocks in your own pantone shade and you can build a reception area to your exact specifications and needs, rather than settling for whatever you can find in a standard office furniture catalogue.


Wouldn’t it be great if you could ask your visitors to take a seat on some modular furniture that combines style and fun? Our modular building blocks are ideal for creating a wide range of seating options including sofas, benches and armchairs and you can even complement your new seating arrangement with a matching coffee table.

Whatever seating solution you go for, they’re sure to be a talking point with your client!

Quirky little extras

By adding a few extra blocks to your order, you’ll be able to go really wild when creating a reception area with the wow factor and piece together some nice little extras such as coffee machine stands, magazine racks and even partition walls to complement your new reception furniture.

The only limit is your imagination, so don’t be afraid to experiment with Everblocks.


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