Four team building challenges that promote teamwork and rational thinking

We all know just how valuable team building exercises can be. From promoting better team unity and increasing communication skills, they can also be expensive and can take your team away from their essential roles for several days.

However, there is a better solution. Everblocks are being more and more frequently used to create team building challenges in the office environment. Not only is this a far more cost-effective solution but the modular building blocks can be utilised again and again for other departments or uses such as modular furniture or modular partition walls. What’s more, you won’t need to travel further than your boardroom to get the benefits of team building exercises.

Here’s a few team building exercise ideas you can try with Everblocks.

Tall Towers

Giving each team a limited number of blocks, they must work together to plan and build the tallest tower that has to stand on its own for at least sixty seconds.

This task isn’t as easy as it seems, and each team will have to use logic, communication skills and teamwork to complete their tower in the assigned time.

Build your own desk

An excellent exercise for two or more team members, pitch your teams against each other as they race to create a fully functional and sturdy desk to be crowned the winners.

This exercise will help them flex their rational thinking skills and allow them to be a little more creative with their constructions too.

Team obstacle courses

Getting larger teams together to build a series of obstacles that they’ll tackle later on really allows for some great creative builds, but the best part definitely comes at the end.

Working in partnership, the whole team will need to tackle to course you created earlier with one ‘controller’ and one blindfolded participant. The controller will need to use their communications skills to guide the other team member through the course as quickly as they can, making it a great activity to improve communications and nurture trust.

The winner’s podium

After your team building exercises have come to an end, use your Everblocks to create a great photo opportunity by building a winner’s podium that can easily withstand the weight of your best-performing teams or individuals.

Not only does this make a great photo, but you could also make the rest of the teams complete the build as a fun penalty at the end.

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