Buy Everblocks with Universal Modular Design

EverBlock modular building blocks are is designed to be modular, enabling you to create nearly any sized object.

Expand your creations as needed and modify your designs on the fly.

Be as creative as you want to be an alternate colors and modules to build amazing modular objects and buildings.

EverBlock’s jumbo block size and modularity allows you to build around fixed obstacles and construct objects that work within your environment.

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Everblocks has an Easy Attachment System

EverBlock block modules nest easily with the parts above and below, creating a stable and durable connection.

Stagger parts as needed for additional strength and to create unique visual patterns.

No tools are required to install  or disassemble sections.

Life-sized block sections are re-useable and may be transported easily to another location as needed.

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Buy Everblocks – A Complete Building System

The EverBlock System consists of four universal parts – a full sized 12″ block, a 6″ half-sized block, a 3″ one-quarter sized block, and a 12″ finishing cap that all interlock.

Reinforcement pins, shelving units, a desktop unit, doorway lintels, and a stabilizing foot all compliment the system and add versatility.

15 standard colors are available, including a metallic style Gold and Silver.

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1. Buy Everblocks

2. Everblock requires no tools, glue or heavy equipment

3. Just order, accept delivery

4. Have loads of fun building your creation.
5. Send us some pictures of your build