Top four ‘sten do’ ideas

Years ago, it was the norm for groups of male and female friends to celebrate upcoming nuptials separately based on their sex. The girls would stay with the girls, and the boys would go with the boys.

However, the world is changing, and male and female friendship groups are opting for a more forward-thinking approach to helping their mates celebrate their last few weeks of freedom with a ‘sten do’.

A sten do, as you’d expect, is a combination of male and female friends celebrating in much the same way you’d expect from any hen or stag party, and what pre-wedding celebration would be complete without some kind of challenge?

Here’s four great sten do ideas using modular building blocks from Everblocks. To add a bit more interest to these challenges, why not add a prize for the winning teams or a forfeit for the losers to spice things up a bit?

Build a bridge – and get over it!

This is a great one to see which team has the ability to plan and build a simple bridge as a group and then for all members to pass over it to take the winners spot.

Everblocks are easy to lift and can create a wide range of study structures, so you could even build yourselves a winner’s podium too!

Pairs assault course

This is brilliant fun as the whole group can work together to build an Everblock assault course that they’ll later use as part of a time trial to see which pair gets the best time. It makes things far more interesting if the pairs are tied together by the wrist or ankle, so it’s up to you how hard or easy to make the course as you’ll all be expected to tackle it later.

The happy couple

Everblocks come in a wide range of colours, so using white, black, brown and pink blocks you can split your sten group into two teams and ask them to create a life-sized model of the married couple in traditional wedding attire.

The winners will be judged on their creativity and quality of their build, and its great fun seeing how the teams decide to represent the couple using building blocks.

Locked up

Although it’s a hilarious thought that your friend might end up locked up during your sten party shenanigans, it’s probably not a great idea!

But if you still want to have a little fun with the bride or groom to be, then work as a group to build your very own jail cell using Everblocks! Our modular building blocks can also include hinges as accessories, so build your own cell with barred doors or windows and get the ‘condemned’ man or woman to pose for a few funny snaps to add to your sten do album.

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